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How Can Blockchain Play a Game Changer Role in Aviation?

The blockchain is no longer just seen as a cryptographic technology to safe financial transactions as it had been the case when it started its journey powering Bitcoin. It is now widely adopted across industry niches for its unique capability in allowing unhindered accessibility while maintaining security with a robust write-only protocol.

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A New Era for IoT Devices with Novel Google Assistant Capabilities Marked by Google I/O 2018

New technology is being worked upon every day, and app developers need to stay updated with the latest technology so that they can incorporate it into their apps and other development structures. Innovative companies like Google organize annual development conference which was launched in 2008. The basic purpose of this conference is to bring apps developers from across the world together and discuss the innovation in the open. This is where Google announces its new launches and provides a first look at their latest developer products, hands-on learning with Google experts, and talks. This year too, Google has announced new Google Assistant capabilities that promise a new era for IoT devices. Stay glued to read on to find more about these new capabilities.

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Impact of Virtual Reality Apps on Small Businesses

Virtual reality (VR) was once a thing you would see in sci-fi movies and be mesmerized hearing that it would be occurring in the distant future. But now many of us have already experienced it in one form or the other, especially in gaming, more so with the headsets and other hardware becoming more affordable and consumer-friendly. Since technology has been affecting the business world over many years in the past, the effect of VR on the commercial world is inevitable.

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Building an iOS Game App from Scratch


Apple has come up with many tools such as Metal, Swift programming language, and Xcode 8 development environment, to make an iOS app and game development much easier than ever for beginners. A large number of other resources are also available to make app or game development a smooth and comfortable process for iPhone app developers in India. Moreover, with the enhanced features of iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch and many other advances in technology such as AI, AR, VR, etc. you can incorporate new and advanced look for your game app, which provides players with a mesmerizing experience.

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